Complete Exterior 


1.5-3 hours

  • meticulous hand wash

  • all crevices, grill and emblems hand brushed 

  • bug and road tar removal treatment

  • rims fully cleaned including rim barrels

  • tires and wheel wells cleaned and dressed

  • door and trunk jambs degreased and protected

  • all exterior surfaces decontaminated using iron remover and clay bar

  • polishing to remove light scratches 

  • durable sealant applied

  • chrome polished 

  • Rain-X applied to all glass

  • water-based dressing applied to plastics

  • engine bay detailed

coupes & sedans - $160

small truck/crossover - $180

SUV - $200

full size truck - $220

full size SUV/van - $240

The complete exterior begins with a detailed inspection of the paint, making sure the process is tailored to your vehicle.  The door jambs, engine bay, and wheels are detailed first (they are typically dirtiest).  Then, hand washing begins with quality wash lather, microfiber mits, and soft brushes to cleanse the exterior. All bugs and road tar are removed (as best as possible). Every square inch of the rims are purged of brake dust and road grime, including rim barrels and wheel wells. After drying, clay bar and iron removal treatments decontaminate the paint from fallout bonded to the surface. Using a machine polisher, the paint is then polished to remove light scratches, and a durable sealant protects the paint from the elements. To finish, plastic trim is dressed and chrome accents are polished to perfection.

Skylar detailed the inside and outside of my C7 Corvette "weekend toy".  I am extremely picky about who and how this car is treated and his methods and execution was excellent!  It was great that he already knew proper techniques to prevent scratching and dirt re-deposition.  I will be using his services again for this vehicle and my truck.  I have recommended his services to friends with Corvettes too!

-Barry Burke

First, I love the concept of an auto detailer coming to you. Second, I had copious amounts of dog hair that had worked itself into every nook and cranny of my car. I was doubtful that it all could be cleaned out, however Skylar was able to get my car looking brand new! He was professional, well-mannered, and meticulous with his detailing! I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is looking for a personal and professional car detailer!

-Sierra Rogers

Skylar has done an outstanding job detailing my car and my husband's jeep! We have had him out several times and have been very pleased every single time. My seats are a light color grey and every little thing shows up on them. They were filthy. I was totally amazed after Skylar was done with them. I have told several friends, family, neighbors and co workers about Skyline Detail. You will not be disappointed!

-Amber Davis

Skylar did an amazing job washing, waxing, detailing and polishing the chrome on my red C6 Corvette! He has also done the same for my Lexus SUVs! Skylar is very prompt, organized and detail oriented- not to mention the convenience of coming to your home! I will be using Skylar's services in the future and highly recommend friends and family do so as well​

-Laura Celestino